Prime MD Plus

About Us

Prime MD Plus is a medical practice that provides modern primary and geriatric care. Our practice was started to help the community address medical needs in a comprehensive and empathetic manner. Dr. Javvaji worked in many healthcare settings dictated by insurances and administrators, thereby not putting patients first. By starting her own practice, she optimized her patient’s health without being attached to restrictive rules and regulations.

Internal medicine does not have enough training in geriatrics. By going into a geriatric fellowship, Dr. Javvaji learned all the things that were missing from her training in internal medicine. Healthcare should not be a cookie-cutter approach and should be tailored to the particular age group being treated.  She realized that there is pediatrics for a reason, and there is geriatrics for a reason. 

Our physician Dr. Javvaji is a double board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics who wanted to help patients look and feel great. As a result, she combined her medical services with modern technologies that accelerate achieving your health goals. 

Prime MD Plus is located in Coppell, Texas, and accepts most insurances, including but not limited to the following: 

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